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Medical Monitoring

Supports all surgical procedures and post-operative care; provides medical oversight during epidural stimulation and activity-based interventions; supports research medical procedures; management and processing of blood, urine and tissues sample for human and porcine; IRB and FDA regulatory.

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Our Bioinformatics Core tracks how experimental results are being applied and analyzes how we are doing.

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Database and Information Management

Informatics and Database Core supports other cores with various aspects of data management including process analysis, data systems design and implementation, data integration and review, general reporting and analysis.

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The Regulatory core ensures that all governmental, hospital, and university regulations and guidelines are followed for research and patient care.

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VOP-Administrative- core

Administrative Core

This Core will be responsible for oversight of the entire project. Administrative decisions will be made by Faculty Leadership led by the Program Director. This Core will schedule and oversee necessary meetings and provide monthly financial updates to all Signature Project PIs and Core Directors for their individual projects and Cores.

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Susan Harkema, PhD








Claudia Angeli, PhD







Andrea Behrman, PhD









Enrico Rejc, PhD








Maxwell Boakye, MD








Alex Ovechkin, MD, PhD








Dena Howland, PhD







Mary Ellen Buning, PhD








Darryl Kaelin, MD








Daniela Terson De Paleville, PhD








Teresa Pitts, PhD








Charles H. Hubscher, PhD








April Herrity, DC, PhD