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Alex Ovechkin, MD, PhD
Alex Ovechkin, MD, PhD

Pulmonary Lab

The Pulmonary Lab is currently investigating the vides state-of-the-art assessments specific to the heart, lungs and circulatory system. Studies to map the neural circuits that control blood pressure and lung function enable interventions such as spinal cord Epidural Stimulation (scES).

Charles Hubscher, PhD
Charles Hubscher, PhD

Urogenital and Bowel Lab

The Urogenital and Bowel Lab

David Rouffet, PhD
David Rouffet, PhD

Neuromechanics Lab

The Neuromechanics Lab

Yury Gerasimenko, PhD, D Sci
Yury Gerasimenko, PhD, D Sci

Neurophysiology and
Locomotor Circuitry Lab

The Neurophysiology and Locomotor Circuitry Lab provides assessments of gait and stepping and guides development of optimal individualized programs of therapy and interventions for individuals with spinal cord injuries.


Adult NeuroRecovery

Translational Cores

Metabolic, Neuromuscular, and Skeletal

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary

Movement Performance and Locomotor Recovery

Urogenital and Bowel



Research Medical

Biostatistics, Outcomes, Database, and Communications


Finance and Administrative

Movement Performance and Locomotor Recovery Clinic