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Activity-Dependent Rehabilitation Model to Improve Bone and muscle after SCI: Stand Retraining and Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

The main purpose of this study is to understand what happens to muscle and bone after five to seven months of training using stand training and neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES).

The research participants will be randomly assigned to one of the following three training programs:
                           (i) stand training,
                          (ii) NMES training,
                          (iii) Stand training with NMES.


  • Stand training is performed in a standing frame or on a treadmill while wearing a harness that is attached to an overhead suspension device that will partially support the weight of your body. Trainers will help you to stand if needed.
  • NMES training is performed with the individual lying down. Self-adhesive pads (electrodes) are placed on your skin at different parts of your legs and trunk. These electrodes, connected to a battery-operated unit, will send a small current to the muscles and cause them to tighten.
  • Stand training with NMES combines the two approaches described above.

The research participants enrolled in this study train 60 minutes a day for at least 80 sessions (4-5 sessions/week).

Assessments to evaluate training effects and/or optimize training parameters are conducted before, periodically throughout the training, and after the 80 training sessions.

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