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Metabolic, Neuromuscular and Skeletal

This core will provide assessments specific to: in-vivo skeletal muscle contractile properties, architecture, volume and oxidative capacity; dietary intake, energy expenditure and oxidative metabolism at rest and during exercise; bone density and total body fat mass and fat-free mass.

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VOP-Cardio Workout

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary

Provides state-of-the-art assessments specific to cardiovascular and pulmonary function.

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Neuro-Physiology, Neuro-Imaging, Human Locomotion and Movement Performance

Provides electro- physiological motor and sensory assessments and magnetic resonance imaging for human and porcine studies.

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Urogenital and Bowel

The Urogenital & Bowel Research Core provides comprehensive care for spinal cord injured individuals with symptoms related to bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction.

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Design, develop and construct devices, sensors, software, imaging systems, data management methodologies and systems, information technology, data analysis and interpretation, novel therapeutic delivery systems, etc. Develop and implement new algorithms to mine the data and identify patterns.

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Susan Harkema, PhD








Claudia Angeli, PhD







Andrea Behrman, PhD









Enrico Rejc, PhD








Maxwell Boakye, MD








Alex Ovechkin, MD, PhD








Dena Howland, PhD







Mary Ellen Buning, PhD








Darryl Kaelin, MD








Daniela Terson De Paleville, PhD








Teresa Pitts, PhD








Charles H. Hubscher, PhD








April Herrity, DC, PhD