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Research Medical

Scientific Director

Susan Harkema, Ph.D.
Susan Harkema, PhD

Clinical Director

Maxwell Boakye, MD, MPH, MBA, FAANS, FACS
Maxwell Boakye, MD, MPH


Sarah Wagers, MD
Sarah Wagers, MD

The Team

Research Nurse Practitioner

Yukishia Austin, BSN, RN
Yukishia Austin, RN, BSN


Tiffanie Shelburne
Tiffanie Shelburne, CPT

Research Nurse Coordinator

Female Photo To Come
Kayla Wesley




Supports all surgical procedures and post-operative care; provides medical oversight during epidural stimulation and activity-based interventions; supports research medical procedures; management and processing of blood, urine and tissues sample for human; IRB and FDA regulatory.


  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test:  an assessment to determine how well the body’s cells are able to absorb glucose after ingesting a specified amount of sugar.
  • Intestinal Biome Analysis:  a test to detect beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms associated with specific infections, lifestyle choices, and gut conditions.
  • Dietary Log:  an assessment to determine the eating habits of the participant, so suggestions and changes can be made as necessary.
  • Blood Analysis:  an assessment to check a variety of health markers found in the blood.
  • Medical Evaluation:  comprehensive physical examination, review of laboratory and test results, assist in experiments and consult session to field any medically-related concerns, such as muscle biopsies and urodynamic assessments.



Adult NeuroRecovery

Translational Cores

Metabolic, Neuromuscular, and Skeletal

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary

Movement Performance and Locomotor Recovery

Urogenital and Bowel



Research Medical

Biostatistics, Outcomes, Database, and Communications


Finance and Administrative

Movement Performance and Locomotor Recovery Clinic