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Database and Informatics



Susan Harkema, Ph.D.

Core Personnel

Trey Mobley
Programmer Analyst Sr.

Kim Polak
Program Coordinator

Lori Clark
Data Manager

Ab Khorshidian
Programmer Analyst III

Bill Elzey
Web Developer



Our team is compromised of talented individuals with various backgrounds in information technology (IT), database management, web design, operations and IT support. with our unique skill set we are able to manage various databases, as well as collaborate with and provide research cores with IT resources to help improve efficiency and productivity.


Informatics and Database Core supports other cores with various aspects of data management including process analysis, data systems design and implementation, data integration and review, general reporting and analysis. The core is particularly responsible for the NeuroRecovery Network  and NACTN data systems. We also provide various IT support across all cores.

Members of our team maintain and update the VICTORY OVER PARALYSIS website as well as the social media platforms.


Our goal is to make it easier to collect, store and analyze data that is gather by our scientific cores for various research projects.


the support that we provide to the various cores allows them to easily perform a plethora of assessments and adjust if needed as we continue to expand our breadth of research.

Adult NeuroRecovery Program

Translational Cores

Metabolic, Neuromuscular and Skeletal

Cardiovascular & Pulmonary

Human Locomotion & Movement Performance

Urogenital & Bowel

NeuroPhysiology & NeuroImaging


Research Medical

Biostatistics and Outcomes

Database and Informatics


Finance and Administrative