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Cardiovascular Stimulation
Adult NeuroRecovery expands our ability to understand the mechanisms of activity based interventions including Locomotor Training and NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation on motor function and physiological systems.FOCUS OF WORK

Investigate mechanisms and physiological systems that promote retraining of the nervous system to perform motor tasks.

  • Studies range from understanding the plasticity of the spinal cord in humans to examining the secondary health related issues associated with spinal cord injury.
  • We focus on retraining the nervous system through activity dependent plasticity
  • We use multiple strategies:
    • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation
    • Transcutaneous spinal cord epidural stimulation
    • Locomotor training
    • Stand Retraining
    • Functional Training
  • We study
    • Metabolic, Neuromuscular, and Skeletal systems
    • Bowel, Bladder, and Sexual function
    • Neurophysiology
    • Cardiovascular and Respiratory systems
    • Motor Systems

Epidural Stimulation Program

Motor Control


Proof of Principle


Cardiovascular and Respiratory


Proof of Principle

Inter-system Participation


Bladder, Bowel, and Sexual Function


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