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Adult NeuroRecovery Program

Adult NeuroRecovery operates under the emerging truth that the human spinal cord is just as smart as the brain. Locomotor Training and NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation are among the techniques routinely used to access this spinal cord intelligence. Our understanding of neural plasticity (ability of the nervous system to repair itself) and residual supraspinal input (how the brain connects to areas below the injury) allows our globally recruited scientific leaders to design and conduct cutting-edge research that investigates the potential to recover function in organs and systems affected by the injury (e.g., blood pressure regulation,


Investigate physiological characteristics that enable retraining of the nervous system to perform functional tasks.

  • Studies range from understanding the plasticity of the spinal cord in humans to examining the secondary health related issues associated with spinal cord injury.
  • We focus on retraining the nervous system through activity dependent rehabilitative strategies
  • We use multiple strategies:
    • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation
    • Lumbrosacral spinal cord epidural stimulation
    • Locomotor training
  • We study
    • Muscle and bone atrophy
    • Cardiovascular function
    • Respiratory function
    • Bowel and bladder function

Adult NeuroRecovery Program

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