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Ways to Help

Donate to Victory

All donations to Victory Over Paralysis are processed through the University of Louisville Foundation (Fund for UofL). To make a donation to support our work, click on the “DONATE TO VICTORY” button directly above, or at the bottom of this page.


Support Opportunities


Partner with Adult NeuroRecovery

Partner with our team at the Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center today as we work to discover the latest therapies and move them rapidly into practice. Your support helps us to:

  • Develop cutting-edge therapies that promote recovery
  • Recruit the best expert clinicians and researchers
  • Conduct pilot studies to launch new research directions
  • Develop new systems to assess and track progress of adults with paralysis

If you would like to partner with us by financially supporting our work to advance recovery, please click “DONATE TO VICTORY” at the bottom of this page – to donate funds specifically for the Adult NeuroRecovery program. Thanks very much for your support.


Gift To Epidural Stimulation

Your gift provides help and hope for people suffering from spinal cord injuries. Private donations are used to:

  • Provide seed funding for early-stage research
  • Expand laboratory facilities
  • Train the next generation of researchers
  • Expand community outreach
  • Attract and retain the best experts in the nation

If you would like to partner with us by gifting to our work to advance recovery, please click “Donate To Victory” below – to donate funds specifically for the Epidural Stimulation program. Thanks very much for your support.

Give to the Shawn Graf Memorial Fund

On June 23, 2014, we lost Shawn Graf, a valuable member of our family here at the Neuroscience Collaborative Center. Both as a University of Louisville employee and as a participant in multiple research studies, Shawn worked tirelessly to help find treatment therapies for individuals with spinal cord injury. His parents would like to continue Shawn’s work through the Shawn Graf Memorial Fund to assist the ultimate goal of achieving Victory Over Paralysis.

Provide Support Towards Needed Equipment

Our equipment needs vary from experiment to experiment and program to program. Your dollars assist in every possible way to provide equipment for clinical purposes and to advance our research capabilities.

Give to the NeuroRecovery Support Fund

This fund was created to better support individuals and families from around the country interested in participating in research with KSCIRC. This fund attempts to alleviate some of the financial burden of relocating to Louisville, KY in order to participate in research with KSCIRC. This fund was established to support the development of local programs to help meet basic needs of research participants as well as provide reimbursement for travel, housing, and other research participation-related expenses.

Because affordable and accessible housing continues to be such a need, the long-term goal of this fund is to raise enough money to establish a comfortable and convenient place for participants and their families/caregivers to stay during their involvement in research. Your gift to support our participants who courageously live every day with spinal cord injuries is a gift to continue supporting the state-of-the-art research taking place with KSCIRC.


Give to Our Partners

Many organizations assist us in our mission. You may want to consider donating time and/or funds to any of our partners.

For a complete list of our partners please click below.  Each partner has different donation needs from time volunteering to funds, and you can find more information on their pages.

Donate to Victory


Donate To Victory

Participate In Research


Join Our Team