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Supports all surgical procedures and post-operative care; provides medical oversight during epidural stimulation and activity-based interventions; supports research medical procedures; management and processing of blood, urine and tissues sample for human and porcine; IRB and FDA regulatory


Susan Harkema, Ph.D.


Core Manager:

Amanda Oakley


Core Personnel:

Kelly Neese
Research Manager

Carie Tolfo
Research Physical Therapist

Jamie Ochsner
Research Rehab Therapy Coordinator

Kelly O’Brien
Research Physical Therapist

Erin Nalle
Research Occupational Therapist

Kishia Austin
Clinical Research Nurse

Julie Sanford
Research Nurse Navigator

Lucretia Campbell
Research Phlebotomist

Nurse Manager (TBH)

Clinical Research Nurse (acute) (TBH)


AIS Evaluation

PT Evaluation

NRS Evaluation

blood draws

urine collection

bladder biopsies

muscle biopsies