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Muscle Activation Patterns During Movement Attempts in Children with Acquired Spinal Cord Injury: Neurophysiological Assessment of Residual Motor Function Below the Level of Lesion. Evidence of intentional leg muscle activation below the level of lesion was found in 11/24 children with SCI, and was classified based on activation pattern. Read the complete article as published in Frontiers in Neurology
Kosair Charities Lifetime Giving to UofL Tops $50M. Since 1982, Kosair Charities has been a solidly dependable supporter of children’s health programs at the University of Louisville. This year, total donations have reached more than $50.4 million. Read the complete story.
Clinical Trial Designs for Neuromodulation in Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Using Epidural Stimulation.  A narrative review focused on specific challenges related to adequate controls that arise in neuromodulation clinical trials involving perceptible stimulation and physiological effects of stimulation activation. Read the complete article as published in Wiley.
Reeve Summit 2021 Explores How Families Adapt to Caregiving and Restorative Therapies for their Child with a Spinal Cord Injury. Virtual Workshops hosted by multidisciplinary teams of researchers including the University of Louisville, presenting cargivers of nearly 30 families who’ll offer their lived experiences with their child with a SCI. Join this workshop with 40+ virtual sessions held April 27-29, 2021. Learn more and register for the Reeve Summit 2021
UofL and Medtronic to collaborate on custom epidural stimulation algorithms to restore function in individuals with spinal cord injury. $7.8 million from NIH will fund development of a closed-loop monitoring system. Read the complete story.
Matthew Wetherbee, a past participant, is the Founder and President of the MW Fund, a charitable organization whose mission is to provide scholarships to individuals who need specialized Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation not covered by insurance. Read about Matthew’s story and mission of support through the MW Fund: Focus on the Positive
We’re hiring outstanding candidates who want to pursue a career in translational spinal cord injury research.  Is that you? Join Our Team and Make a Difference. We’re Hiring.
New Online Course Open for Registration. Segmental Assessment of Trunk Control (SATCo) SATCo is the only current measure that can quantify different types and intermediate levels of trunk control prior to independent sitting. This highly recommended course developed for all clinicians and researchers who want to learn how to administer and score the SATCo for typically and atypically developing children across diagnostic groups and settings. Register and Learn about this course at NeuroRecovery Learning.
On the Road to Recovery at the Movement Performance and Locomotor Recovery Clinic. Amos Martin, former U of L and N F L player. See his story.
Victory Over Paralysis is a Worldwide Movement. See the extensiveness of our far-reaching effects.
Next Step has another successful #RideforParalysis fundraising event. Join the team and make a difference - show your support here