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Dr. Susan Harkema shares breakthrough spinal cord research at her provocative TED X Talk
Restoration of autonomic cardiovascular regulation in spinal cord injury with epidural stimulation: a case series. Epidural Stimulation targeted for cardiovascular function to alleviate chronic hypotension.
Systolic and diastolic function in chronic spinal cord injury. Study findings on how biological sex and spinal cord injury affect cardiac function, as published in PLOS ONE
Epidural stimulation for cardiovascular function increases lower limb lean mass in individuals with chronic motor complete spinal cord injury. This long‐term epidural stimulation study was published in Experimental Physiology - A publication of The Physiological Society.
Summer Scholars. Our hands-on student researchers worked under faculty mentorship, administered testing, and documented findings.
Resilience and Disability in the Time of COVID-19. People with disabilities need our help now more than ever. Listen to renowned rehabilitation researchers who discuss the impact of COVID-19 on people living with disabilities. Hear from our experts at the Kessler Foundation.
Stay Active While Staying at Home. Video Exercise Programs provided by our Community Fitness and Wellness Facilities Watch Today's Video.
RISE UP Discovering Hope