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We’re hiring outstanding candidates who want to pursue a career in translational spinal cord injury research.  Is that you? Join Our Team and Make a Difference. We’re Hiring.
WEBCAST SERIES Neurogenic Bladder After Spinal Cord Injury: Common Question and Misconceptions. This lecture will discuss how spinal cord injury affects bladder function, reasons for bladder evaluation, various types of bladder management, urinary tract infections and other possible problems. by Dr. Todd A. Linsenmeyer, MD Director of Urology, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation.
Heart rate and blood pressure response improve the prediction of orthostatic cardiovascular dysregulation in persons with chronic spinal cord injury. Read the complete peer-reviewed research as published in Physiological Reports
On the Road to Recovery at the Movement Performance and Locomotor Recovery Clinic. Amos Martin, former U of L and N F L player. See his story.
A Pilot Study: Beneficial Cardiac Structural and Functional Adaptations After Lumbosacral Spinal Cord Epidural Stimulation and Task-Specific Interventions:. Read the Complete Article in frontiers in Neuroscience
See how The Big Idea has made a difference in Harlee Speyer's life. Providing people with an improved quality of life. #hopehappenshere
Next Step has another successful #RideforParalysis fundraising event. Join the team and make a difference - show your support here
Dr. Susan Harkema shares breakthrough spinal cord research at her provocative TED X Talk