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Victory-Reaching Worldwide

Our mission is simple: we are committed to fully overcoming and curing paralysis. We understand that every incremental gain a person makes in mobility, health, and quality of life is a  VICTORY.

We are so grateful for the individuals who volunteer for spinal cord injury research with no guarantee of personal gain but with the hope that their contributions can benefit the larger spinal cord injury community.  VICTORY OVER PARALYSIS  is a worldwide movement, with far-reaching effects. To date, well over 400 research participants, representing 11 different countries, have registered in our extensive research database and have participated in life-changing research. Our program would not exist without their selfless sacrifice. The hope of a better future for individuals living with spinal cord injuries is a reality because of these volunteers.

We are relentless in pursing  VICTORY OVER PARALYSIS   and we won’t stop this important work until we find a cure.

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