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NeuroRecovery LearningRecovery-based NeuroRehabilitation through NeuroRecovery Learning

Susan Harkema, PhD and Andrea Behrman, PhD, PT are the Co-Directors of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation’s NeuroRecovery Network (NRN). Together with Elizabeth Ardolino, PT, PhD, they have created NeuroRecovery Learning, a nonprofit organization designed to be a centralized hub for accessing evidenced-based knowledge of spinal cord injury neurorehabilitation.

NeuroRecovery Learning is committed to creating and promoting a culture of evidence-based practice through education and providing opportunities for clinicians and researchers from all over the country to be trained in standardized activity-based therapy techniques.

NeuroRecovery Learning strives to deliver a comprehensive curriculum of the most up to date information about spinal cord injury (SCI) recovery, with each course offered specifically developed to translate scientific evidence in ways that will improve the recovery, health, and quality of life for those suffering from paralysis. Our evidence-based curriculum is offered through online educational courses, remote teleinstruction, and in-person hands-on training.

For information on current selection of courses and other professional development opportunities visit: NeuroRecovery Learning

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