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NRTILocomotor Training With NeuroRTI

The NeuroRecovery Training InstituteEdM_harness_900px (NeuroRTI) was founded by NeuroRecovery Ed, whose principles are Co-Directors of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation’s NeuroRecovery Network (NRN) including Susan Harkema, PhD, Andrea Behrman, PT, PhD, and Elizabeth Ardolino, PT, PhD.

NeuroRTI is committed to creating and promoting a culture of evidence-based practice through transformational education efforts. NeuroRTI, in partnership with the NRN, created the Locomotor Training Course series which provides the opportunity for clinicians all over the country to be trained in the standardized activity-based techniques used within the NRN clinics and facilities.

Click here to learn more about NeuroRTI’s Locomotor Training Course Series.

In addition to our Locomotor Training Coursework, NeuroRTI offers a full continuum of neurologic training programs such as a nationally-scaled neurologic physical therapy residencycertification, and postprofessional DPT. The curriculum is driven through online education, onsite weekend intensives and mentorships (residency only) and is differentiated from other postprofessional programs that are costly and may require relocation.