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Activity-based Intervention

Basic Gym

Specialized Adaptive EquipmentSpecialized Adaptive Equipment







Basic membership allows members full access to the specialized adaptive equipment at Community Fitness & Wellness during business hours.

May Include:

SCI-Fit; Concept II Ergometer; Versatrainer; Monark Rehab Trainer; Nu- Step; Total Body Gym; Ski Ergometer; Upright Cycle; and Power Plate Pro6.

HUR equipment; Dual Cable Cross; Mutifunctional Trainer; Multi – channel cable cross; Weight Bench and Free Weights; Rickshaw; Therabands; Stability/therapy Balls; BOSU Ball; Wedges; and Medicine Balls.

Hi-Lo Mats; Tilt Table; and Parallel Bars.

Guided Exercise

DSC00222This intervention includes an hour long exercise session focused on the neuromuscular system below the level of injury or affected by paralysis. The client works one on one with a highly trained activity-based technician/trainer. During these sessions the Trainer will focus on the client’s needs and key factors promoting strength and independence.

Movements related to daily motor tasks are the focus including trunk control and mobility, reaching and grasping and/or standing and walking.


NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

DSC00230NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation utilizes high pulse width electrical simulation administered via electrode pads placed over specific muscle groups and sequenced through a microprocessor to fire the targeted muscle groups in the proper sequence to facilitate coordinated movements.




Locomotor Training

DSC00228Locomotor Training (LT) utilizes a specialized unweighting harness system positioned over an elevated treadmill. Two trainers are positioned in special seating next to each leg and a third stands behind the harnessed person to stabilize the hips. The principle of locomotor training is to assist the stepping process by providing appropriate sensory cues to the flexor and extensor surfaces of the lower leg during locomotion. Partial weight bearing allows for freedom of movement and weight bearing on the legs. Neural retraining occurs as the nervous system re-learns motor patterns associated with walking. Repetitive episodes increase overall fitness.

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