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The time involved to participate in this study is approximately 3 hours. You will be asked to come in for 3 separate visits, which will take approximately 1 to 2 hours each. To participate in this study, you will first talk with a member of the research team to determine if you are eligible by answering several preliminary screening questions about your background and health. If you are determined to be eligible you will then be scheduled to come to the Cardiovascular Laboratory at Frazier Rehab Institute (Room 1121) for the measurement of your blood flow and vessel health using Doppler ultrasound. These testing procedures will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete. During this time the Doppler ultrasound will measure your blood flow in your arm before, during, and after temporarily stopping your blood flow for 5 minutes by the use of a blood pressure cuff.   Also, blood flow and the size of the blood vessels will be measured in your arm and then in your leg, while laying down, sitting, and returning to laying down. We may also image the artery in your neck (carotid) to determine the flexibility of your arteries for approximately 10-20 seconds.

After this session you will be given a scheduled time to have an image taken of your leg using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This scan will take place at Jewish Hospital. During this time you will lay quietly on a table while the images are taken of your legs. The total testing time for this procedure will take approximately 1 hour.

Lastly, you will be asked to have a DEXA scan to measure the thickness of your bones. This scan should take about 1 hour. You will have your entire body, and individual body parts, scanned by a large machine while lying on your back and/or side. You will have to lie still during the test. This scan will take place at Jewish Hospital (225 Abraham Flexner Way, Suite 502). You may be asked to repeat these tests one to five times within the next year.

Since the procedures required for this study are not for diagnostic purposes, results will be reported to you from your study doctor, only upon request.