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Restoration of Autonomic Cardiovascular Regulation in Spinal Cord Injury with Epidural Stimulation: A Case Series

Hand holding a sample of a stimulator device with its array in place on a spinal cord model.

As published in Springer Link

by lead author Dr. Bonnie E. Legg Ditterline

Epidural Stimulation targeted for cardiovascular function to alleviate chronic hypotension.

Cervical spinal cord injury can cause profound disruption to the nervous system, and impaired cardiovascular autonomic regulation adversely impacts cardiovascular function, which in turn increases morbidity and mortality. Cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction significantly delays therapeutic interventions, limiting functional gains, and prolonging inpatient care, thereby diminishing independence and quality of life.

This publication was authored by:

    • Bonnie E. Legg Ditterline, PhD
    • Sevda C. Aslan, PhD
    • Siqi Wang, PhD
    • Beatrice Ugiliweneza, PhD, MSPH
    • Glenn A. Hirsch, MD, MHS, FACC
    • Jill M. Wecht, EdD
    • Susan J. Harkema, PhD

Read the Complete Research Letter in Springer Link.

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