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Provides assessment of movement and locomotion function.


David Rouffet
Assistant Professor Term

Core Personnel:

Manasa Parthasharathy
Research Tech II

Karl Meierding
Research Tech II

Mitch Earles
Activity Based Tech Lead

Mark Stewart
Activity Based Tech I

Chelsey Lienhart
Activity Based Tech I

Thomas Hebert
Activity Based Tech I[/ale_one_fourth_last]


Motor Activity (Electromyography) with kinematics and force- We will test the activity of your muscles while you are stepping; standing; supine or sitting. We may ask you to stand and/or step on a treadmill, while wearing a harness that is attached to an overhead suspension device that will support the weight of your body, or overground while placed in a standing frame or with an assistive walking device. Trainers will provide assistance as needed. Devices pasted to your skin will record the electrical activity of your muscles and the position of your limbs. We will have to shave to remove hair in the spots we place the electrodes. Devices pasted to your skin and surrounding your fingers and chest might be used to record temperature, blood pressure and respiration. We may repeat this test with stimulation following your surgery. These experiments will last from 2-3 hours. You will have the opportunity to rest at any time during the experiment.

Gait Analysis