Metabolic, Neuromuscular and Skeletal »

This core will provide assessments specific to: in-vivo skeletal muscle contractile properties, architecture, volume and oxidative capacity; dietary intake, energy expenditure and oxidative metabolism at rest and during exercise; bone density and total body fat mass and fat-free mass.


Enrico Rejc, PhD
Assistant Professor







David Arpin
Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Core Manager and Contact:

Kelly Ancel
Lab Research Manager

Core Personnel:

Sean Stills

Michael Kolby
Research Tech II

Shelley Wade
Research Tech II


Echocardiogram–  We will be measuring your heart and your blood vessel structure, and muscle properties using ultrasound and light technology. Continuous heart rate and blood pressure will be monitored during the test. The ultrasound will be performed while you are lying down on your side, and again while you are in a seated position. This test will last about one hour.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound–  Ultrasound will be used to look at your muscle thickness and muscle fiber angles and length. You will lie on your back and/or stomach while a variety of muscles in your trunk and legs are examined. These measurements will help us to determine how your muscles work and to see how they change over the course of your training. Testing will take about one hour.

Muscle MRI– You will be asked to lie quietly on a table while images are taken of your spinal cord and your muscles. This test will take approximately 1 hour to perform.

Biodex Assessment–  We will ask you to sit and/or lie down in an adjustable chair. You will be strapped in at the waist and/or chest. Your leg will also be strapped into the chair just above the knee and above the ankle. You will receive functional electrical stimulation (FES) while you are seated or lying down in the Biodex. We will record the force generated by your leg(s) while you receive the stimulation. This test takes approximately two (2) hours to perform.

Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry– You will be asked to have dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scan that measures body composition (fat, bone and lean tissue). This procedure usually takes an hour and is performed when your entire body is being scanned in a large machine while you are lying still on your back.

Skinfolds– We will measure how thick your skin is while you are lying on your back, sitting in a mat with back support, or standing (only if you able to stand independently). The measurements (distance around) your arms, legs, and trunk, and your body mass index (BMI) may also be measured and calculated. This test will take approximately 15 minutes to perform.