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October is National Physical Therapy Month

October is National Physical Therapy.

National Physical Therapy Month in October recognizes the importance of physical therapy in healthcare. Physical therapy is a medical service provided by trained physical therapists who help patients improve movement, strength and manage pain after an illness or injury.

Nearly every part of the body can benefit from physical therapy, especially if you’ve suffered an injury or illness. Physical therapists assess a patient’s pain levels and abilities and develop a plan of treatment they can track. They may provide exercises to be performed at home and document the progress and any further needs. Some of the benefits of physical therapy include: Reduction or elimination of pain, Improved strength and flexibility, Maintaining independence, and Overall improved quality of life.

The observance promotes the importance of physical therapy and the role it plays in improving physical activity and quality of life. Inadequate physical activity results in an added $117 billion in health care costs in the United States. It also leads to reduced quality of life for millions of Americans. Physical therapists encourage movement to help people manage pain and other chronic conditions, recover from injuries and reduce the risk of future injury and chronic disease.

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During National Physical Therapy Month, give a physical therapist you know a shout-out. Other ways to participate include: Learning about the roles of physical therapy. Share your experiences as a physical therapist. Learn about careers in physical therapy. Find out if physical therapy is right for you.

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