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Novel Clinimetric Toolset to Quantify the Stability of Blood Pressure and Its Application to Evaluate Cardiovascular Function After Spinal Cord Injury

Frontiers in Analytical Science

As published in Frontiers in Analytical Science

Most individuals with chronic SCI experience transient episodes of hypotensive and hypertensive blood pressure in response to daily life activities. There are currently limited tools available to evaluate the stability of blood pressure with respect to a reference range. The aim of this study was to develop a clinimetric toolset for accurately quantifying stability of the blood pressure measurements and taking into consideration the complex dynamics of blood pressure variability among individuals with SCI.

This article was authored by:

  • Samineh Mesbah, PhD
  • Bonnie E. Legg Ditterline, PhD
  • Siqi Wang, PhD
  • Samuel Wu, PhD
  • Joseph Weir, PhD
  • Jill Wecht, Ed D
  • Gail Forrest, PhD
  • Susan Harkema, PhD
  • Beatrice Ugiliweneza, PhD, MSPH

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