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Noninvasive Spinal Stimulation Safely Enables Upright Posture in Children with Spinal Cord Injury

Nature Communications

As published in Nature Communications

In children with spinal cord injury (SCI), scoliosis due to trunk muscle paralysis frequently requires surgical treatment. Transcutaneous spinal stimulation enables trunk stability in adults with SCI and may pose a non-invasive preventative therapeutic alternative. This non-randomized, non-blinded pilot clinical trial (NCT03975634) determined the safety and efficacy of transcutaneous spinal stimulation to enable upright sitting posture in 8 children with trunk control impairment due to acquired SCI using within-subject repeated measures study design. Primary safety and efficacy outcomes (pain, hemodynamics stability, skin irritation, trunk kinematics) and secondary outcomes (center of pressure displacement, compliance rate) were assessed within the pre-specified endpoints.

This article was authored by:

  • Anastasia Keller
  • Goutam Singh
  • Joel H. Sommerfeld
  • Molly King
  • Parth Parikh
  • Beatrice Ugiliweneza
  • Jessica D’Amico
  • Yury Gerasimenko
  • Andrea L. Behrman

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