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UofL and Medtronic to Collaborate on Custom Epidural Stimulation Algorithms to Restore Function in Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury.

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$7.8 million from NIH will fund development of a closed-loop system to monitor and adjust for multiple function use, wireless monitoring.
Researchers at the University of Louisville made news worldwide in 2018 when two people diagnosed with complete spinal cord injuries recovered the ability to walk thanks to experimental use of a therapy known as epidural stimulation. The news gave hope to people living with complete spinal cord injuries, a diagnosis that historically meant they were unlikely to regain function below their level of injury.Despite these significant results, use of epidural stimulation outside a research lab setting to restore function for people with spinal cord injury thus far has been hampered by several limitations, including the use of a technology that was designed for patients with chronic, intractable pain – not those with spinal cord injury.

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