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MW Fund

Join us for a Virtual Concert and Fundraiser

Mike Rollins and Company on Zoom

Featuring: Mike Rollins & Co.

Thursday, September 17 @ 7pm on Zoom

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Individuals with spinal cord injuries require intense therapy to stay healthy and to help their body’s nervous system relearn the most basic tasks. This therapy costs at minimum $100 per hour and is not covered by insurance. To help address the financial burden of this therapy, the MW Fund was created to provide scholarships to individuals with spinal cord injury who want to receive and benefit from the exercise-based rehabilitation programs, but cannot afford it.

This Virtual Concert is an opportunity for you to join all those who have made a contribution to continue the research-based exercise and electronic stimulation therapy needed to continue the fight to an eventual recovery of function.

Learn about the MW Fund and the difference they are making.

You can make a difference through the MW Fund Fundraiser Auction.

MW Fund Participants

Presented by:  Giving | Grousbeck Fazzalari

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Sponsors: Today's Collision Center, Alexandria, Eastern Propane and Oil, DMB Financial, Innovent Technologies, Life Source Water Systems