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Continuum of Care and Cure Plan

Our clinical evaluation focuses on the neuromuscular system below the level of injury as well as each participant’s cardiovascular, endocrine, and respiratory function and health. Your evaluation will take place over 1 week, culminating in a Review & Consultation appointment. At this appointment we will present your Continuum of Care and Cure Plan for improvement and maintenance of function and health. We will present the activity-based therapy intervention(s) that best target your needs, taking into consideration which ones are offered and/or available in your community or home. We may also offer the option of a short or extended stay in Louisville, Kentucky to train at Frazier Rehab and Neuroscience Institute with our experts and specialized equipment. An interpretation of your test results along with a final medical report with recommendations for function and health maintenance will be provided to you and your primary medical team.

What You Could Learn

Our approach provides a comprehensive evaluation of the status of your neuromuscular system and overall health. Our spinal cord medicine physician will evaluate your functional status and ability to participate in therapies and research trials. Our interdisciplinary team will also recommend means to prevent or reduce secondary complications of paralysis. Our therapists and physiatrist will clarify at which level your impairment begins, whether your injury is upper motor neuron (brain and spinal cord) and/or lower motor neuron (peripheral) and what that means, to what degree your cardiovascular and respiratory systems are affected by your injury, and characterize the preserved activity below your level of injury. Our physiatrist or physician assistant will perform a comprehensive physical examination, field any medically-related concerns or questions you may have, and review with you your laboratory and test results. Our evaluation will allow us to suggest the therapeutic interventions that best suit your needs, and help you develop a plan for longitudinal health maintenance.

Your Commitment

You will be responsible for obtaining your own transportation to and accommodations in the Louisville area. We have a list of housing and local transportation options we can provide. As this is a clinical evaluation, your insurance company will be billed, but you will be responsible for all co-payments and expenses that insurance does not cover.

Although you may participate in or decline those therapies we suggest, we request that you closely follow the protocols of the therapies you select. If you receive therapy and/or train outside of Louisville, we offer follow up visits at Frazier so that we may monitor your progress and adjust your activity-based interventions as needed.

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