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Reeve Run & Roll Virtual 5K

Join the 2nd Annual Reeve Run & Roll Virtual 5K on Saturday September 25

September 25th is Chris Reeve’s birthday and our Virtual 5K Run & Roll to benefit the programs of the Christopher Reeve Foundation. This is one of our largest community-based fundraising efforts to support the good works of the Foundation and their dual mission of today’s care, tomorrow’s cure. The Foundation and their targeted programs are changing lives today through the great works of their paralysis research center, quality of life grant efforts, peer support network and research studies.

Mary and Henry, our research participantOur research participant Henry has been with the Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center for the past year participating in the epidural stimulation program. Every day he sees how this research has transformed the health and well-being of many a high level motor/sensory complete quadriplegic who has been injured between 5 and 40 years. The Reeve Foundation has been one of the primary supporters of this effort throughout the years and is hoping to prove the effectiveness of one of the first and only human interventions for people with long-term chronic high level spinal cord injuries. This program will take on the participant that many researchers would avoid due to lack of infrastructure and expertise. Henry has personally experienced independent movement in his legs and is been able to stand with only hips and chest assistance for more than 15 minutes. He hasn’t been unable to do that for over 40 years now.

Please consider joining our Team.



This Foundation is changing lives.

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