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Initial Evaluation and Recommendation

Continuum of Care and Cure Plan

Our evaluation focuses on the neuromuscular system below the level of injury as well as each participant’s function and health. If desired, your evaluation will take place in the CFW, culminating in a recommendation of activity-based interventions specific for you. At this appointment we will present your Continuum of Care Plan for improvement and maintenance of function and health. We will present the activity-based therapy intervention(s) that best target your needs, taking into consideration your lifestyle and services.

What You Could Gain

Our highly skilled and trained activity-based technicians will be available to facilitate exercise and customized interventions. If desired, we can provide a comprehensive evaluation of the status of your neuromuscular system and overall health. Our evaluation will allow us to suggest the CFW interventions that best suit your needs, and help you develop a plan for longitudinal health maintenance. Routine exercise can improve your health and positively affect your quality of life. Cardiovascular fitness, strength training, guided exercise, neuromuscular electrical stimulation and locomotor training are all available with highly skilled staff to share your journey.

Your Commitment

As this is for health and wellness you are responsible for the cost of the services you use, however we do have scholarships and discounted packages for those who qualify. Please inquire about this assistance. Medical clearance is required from your physician. Basic gym is available throughout all business hours. Guided exercise, neuromuscular stimulation for trunk, upper extremities and lower extremities and locomotor training packages are prescheduled. Cancellation is required by 5pm the day prior to your appointment so we can maintain the staff that is needed and keep the costs and fees as low as possible.

Your Stay in Louisville

If you need to stay in the Louisville, Kentucky area for evaluation here is some basic information on housing and transportation in the area.


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