Testosterone Study: Restrictions

Medication Restrictions

The following medications will have restrictions during the Study.

  • Medications that deal with Anti-spasticity
    (e.g. Baclofen)
    You can screen for the study while on Baclofen, but if you are eligible and interested in participating in the study, you would be asked to wean from anti-spasticity medications
    The study physician can assist with the wean schedule or consult with your physician regarding a medication wean.
  • Medications that influence Bone Metabolism
    (e.g. Fosamax)
    If you are currently on this type of medication and have questions about how this could impact your eligibility, then please Schedule a Phone Info Session, with one of our coordinators.

Exercise Restrictions

  • No additional standing or electrical stimulation of the leg muscles during the Study.
    • To isolate the effect of the intervention being provided by the Study.
    • To prevent overtraining.
  • There are no restrictions on upper body and trunk exercises.

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